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So here you are! looking at all the photos, yeah there is a lot of them here, and you thinking "well they pretty, but is there more to them?" well I would like to think so. My style of photography is light, soft, romantic and well maybe a bit weird because I love taking photos of things like the sky, strange crops, blurry run away shots and close ups of soft kisses. Its my thing, it makes me, ME!

I have very editorial style of photography! huh? you say!

It means I compose, set & style my images, curating them as I photograph to create a clean and particular look. Some Love it and I suppose some don't but thats the way I see the world, its how I create and bring to life my hearts beat for photography

About Genevieve

Lets skip all the chit chat and hit the heart of the matter.

I am Genevieve, pronounced the french way, but most people just call me Gen.

I am a child of Grace and I am wildly passionate about God, I'm a Wifey, a Mama by adoption, foodie and coffee snob, I sing aloud to Taylor Swift and rock to NEEDTOBREATH and love snuggling with my family & dogs. You can always find me with a good coffee in hand and a book . I love my husband madly, like totally head over heels . I adore being a mama to my Son Harland and yes I photograph him too much. I am a monochrome minimalist and I live in a forrest, yup a forrest! I am trying to live a life thats purposeful & defined by slow living.

What more can I say? I hope you know me a bit better now and that we can soon meet over a cuppa!


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About Raleigh

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sessions I offer

Capturing every part of Your Story Beautifully. From engagement, to your wedding, to your growing family, every chapter of your life is uniquely precious and deserves to be captured beautifully. I offer a range of lifestyle and portrait shoots, boudoir, maternity, new born, family, couple and every chapter you wish to capture.

starting at R1000 I love doing Lifestyle Portrait sessions that celebrate family, couples and celebrations and would love to capture a special chapter in your story.LIFESTYLE
starting at R1800From Your baby bump, to birth, fresh 48 sessions, and those first days of cuddles and snuggles as a new born. I adore photographing babies and capture them in a very natural & tender way!BUMP & BABY
starting at R19 000Saying I do in South Africa or abroad, at a hip hotel in the city, a beautiful estate in the Wine lands or an intimate elopement in the most adventurous destination , I would love to Capture your wedding dayWEDDING

Client Testimonial

Genevieve, where do I even begin.

You have exceed our expectations and gifted us with the most beautiful wedding images I have ever seen. You have captured our day so perfectly and we could not be happier with your attention to detail and special moments captured. Our wedding day went by so quickly and looking at all these pictures literally had us in tears. We relived every single moment and memory! We laughed, cried, and smiled with the biggest hearts at our special day and it is all thanks to you! Thank you for capturing a God breathed union in a way that felt so true to us. You encapsulated our personalities and styles perfectly with your signature fine art touch. Thank you that we could trust you with the best day of our lives. As always, you effortlessly made magic and were cool calm and collected throughout it all.

-Beatha & Lyle

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